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ActivWall Window Renovation Opens Business In The “New Normal”

ActivWall Window Renovation Opens Business In the “New Normal”

When Stanley decided to visit his brother-in-law’s restaurant, he was expecting to see the same old diner his wife’s brother had worked in for the last 20 years. He remembered the main seating area was dark, crowded with tables, and had old walls with nostalgic local photos hung everywhere. 

What Stanley was not expecting to find was the renovation his brother-in-law had been busy putting in place in the months when COVID-19 essentially put the restaurant industry on pause.

The first thing he noticed was the amount of natural light that flooded the main dining area. Newly restored wood flooring covered the reconfigured dining area. Vibrant, fresh paint covered the walls. A new focal point, an attractive wall fixture showcased relics and the impressive wine supply.

Windows that Open Up for a New Style of Business

Then, the window installation caught Stanley’s eye. The windows were wide open and Stanley was able to walk directly through the back of the restaurant to a refreshed outside dining area.

Stanley’s brother-in-law had become aware of ActivWall lifting windows and foldable window doors. With consultation, he redesigned the entire layout of his restaurant with them, doubling the square footage of his dining space and allowing patrons to sit at safer distances from one another.

One new window installation, the lifting window, created an open-view kitchen with a food-transfer window, like what one would find on a lively walk path with open-air restaurants and outdoor seating. Servers were now handed food and drinks from inside the kitchen and could avoid the walk inside. 

The inside dining room was entirely re-configured. A second new window installation, the foldable window door, now replaced the back wall. When closed, the dining room walls gave a nearly floor-to-ceiling window view to the outside, but the interior stayed temperature-controlled and secure. 

However, when the folding windows were opened, it felt like being in a Roman villa. The inside and outside dining areas combined seamlessly to double seating capacity. 

The new windows truly created an altogether new restaurant. 

What Can New Window Installations Do for Your Business?

You too can reshape your window and space options for any commercial purpose. Find out more about ActivWall specs, designs, features and product information from Dillard Door today.

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