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A smart way for commercial & residential buildings to receive deliveries.

Dillard Door has partnered with Amazon to provide Amazon Key – a new, free, program that will help alleviate your wasted time managing Amazon packages. According to the Wall Street Journal, property Managers waste 10 minutes of productivity per package. Properties like yours have the highest rate of lost, stolen, damaged, and undelivered packages.

  • Convenient, authorized entry to your apartment lobby or package room.
  • Key for Business is a smart fob that lets building owners and managers grant controlled access to delivery drivers.
  • Amazon package delivery to commercial and residential buildings is now easier and more convenient.

Easier Operations

No more buzzing in delivery drivers or bringing in packages. You’ll spend less time managing your residents’ deliveries and more time keeping them happy.


Smart and Secure

Multi-factor authentication ensures delivery drivers only gain building access when they’re delivering an Amazon package.


Greater Control

You’ll control and track delivery drivers’ access to your community using your current building access system. You can also set delivery windows and grant access at select entry points.

Increase Building Security

  • Improperly delivered packages are at risk for theft.
  • Drafting of residents through gates and doors cannot be tracked and leaves residents feeling unsafe.

Increase Delivery Accuracy

  • With step-by-step delivery instructions, packages are placed in the location that works best for management and residents.
  • Meet on-time delivery expectations.

Reduce Costs & Add a Significant Amenity

  • No need to maintain staffing to match Amazon’s 7 days a week, 15 hour a day delivery window.
  • Per the Wall Street Journal, it costs a property manager 10 minutes of productivity every time they handle a package delivery.
  • A National Apartment Association panel discovered that, up to “60% of residents indicated that package management effectiveness has a positive impact on their decision to renew.”

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