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Dillard Door Installs One-Way View Door Opening Onto Liberty Bowl Field

Dillard Door Installs One-Way View Door Opening onto Liberty Bowl Field

The night of the first game, the new entryway rose, revealing a soft neon glow. The team could scarcely hold themselves back as the gate opened. They cheered, the crowd hollered, the stadium was buzzing with energy.

Gone was the old locker room hardly able to hold the attention of any valuable recruits. The door we put in place was the gateway to the future. To possibilities.

The city of Memphis owns the Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium. It’s the home of our University of Memphis Tigers football team. They wanted to improve the entire locker room area. They came to us with some special requests.

The One-Way Feature

The architect asked for something that would be a focal point. Something to draw the eye to the team running out. Few stadiums have a door that opens right out onto the field. The entire audience can see the team and locker room once the door opens.

The client wanted the team to see what is going on outside without the audience looking in. Getting the right glass and getting it transported was challenging. We selected a one way glass mirror finish. Now players can see out but no one can see in.

A Quick Opening Door

The architect wanted a quick open door for a rather large opening. They had to accommodate tight headroom. Plus, the team wanted a quick open speed relative to what is available. For the manufacturer, we went with Cookson Door.

You Know They Wanted it Yesterday!

Like most high-profile projects there was a tight window, short lead time on the project. They had the whole construction project going at once. They were planning on unveiling the locker room no-matter-what at a scheduled event. Feeling the time constraint, we needed to finish within eight weeks.

That was one of the hardest parts of this project was getting the glass figured out. Once we went with Cookson we felt much more confident we would meet the deadline.

They moved us up on their schedule and that helped a considerable amount. Shout out to Cookson Door for their timely help in manufacturing this door!

What an Amazing Project

Sure. It was a short time frame, we all tugged our collars a bit hearing the deadline. But we have great partnerships in this industry. They go back a long way. The relationships Dillard Door has built make things better for our clients

You may head out to a game soon. Check it out for yourself. It’s fantastic to be part of Memphis history and have a shot at shaping this beautiful city’s landscape. See you around!

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