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Dillard Door Purchases Trace Electric In Order To Be More Vertically Integrated In The Industrial Service Market

Dillard Door Purchases Trace Electric in Order to Be More Vertically Integrated In the Industrial Service Market

A Chance For Growth

We have had many opportunities to grow this year. We’ve got the glass company crews all settled and working. Now we are adding an electric company. Why are you adding so many companies, Chris? Vertically integrating Dillard on all levels means we give our customers a better level of service. We can continue to offer the best price for what we do and never get pushed to the back of the line waiting on other contractors.

Updated Electrical Services

Now that we have our own electric crews, we can focus on installation and maintenance. Our new crews will handle most things electrical. Some of the things we can now offer:

  • Custom LED Retrofits
  • Commercial & Residential maintenance and remodels
  • Back-up power Solutions
  • Parking Lot & Landscape Lighting (install & maintenance)
  • Breaker box upgrades
  • Electrical hookups for industrial gates, doors, and parking entrances

What’s New?

While we are focusing on maintenance, there’s not much this crew doesn’t do. We are thrilled and fortunate to have Trace McIntyre getting everyone up and running. Trace will manage our Electrical Department and he’ll be more behind the scenes in the office. But that doesn’t mean the field technicians won’t enjoy his expertise.

We have since added two more electric repair trucks and two more employees. The electrical company staff are new to Dillard yet they bring the experience of 13 years! It’s an auspicious addition to our historic company.

Getting It Off the Ground

Transition is chaos as always! We have been training our new folks on our computer systems. Wouldn’t you know, we’ve got a passel of work for them to get busy on! We’ve put Trace in charge of the change-over. He ran the company before and we have the utmost faith in him!

As Always!

Dillard is working daily in as many ways as possible to bring the best price for the quality. The more Dillard grows, the better deals we can offer our customers. We like to make you guys happy!

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