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Access Control & Alarms
Without controlling who has access to sensitive areas of your facility, how can you prevent theft, vandalism and security threats? We’re here to help.
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Personnel Doors
You don’t have to sacrifice beauty for brawn. Our personnel doors are designed to meet your security needs – and suit your personal tastes.
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Security Cameras
Several of our security cameras boast advanced capabilities like license plate recognition, night vision and enhanced zooming features.
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Industrial Doors
Why wait for disaster to strike? Our industrial doors can protect your warehouse, dock or storage facility from extreme conditions.
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Gate and Parking Systems
Our technicians can install virtually any type of entrance gate, including swing, slide, barrier and vertical gates. Which one is right for you?
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Storefront Protection
Relax. With our storefront protection solutions, it’s easy to go home at night without second-guessing the strength of your storefront.
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