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Industrial HVLS Fans with Dual Heating & Cooling Functions Cut Costs All Year

Hunter Industrial HVLS Fans In Action

Installing Hunter Industrial HVLS Fans is an easy way to improve everything from product integrity and employee safety to customer satisfaction. And, your business will save money doing it. With Hunter Industrial high-volume, low-speed fans, you can silently distribute air into every corner of your space with business benefits that speak volumes.


Automotive Case Study: Musler Motorsports

“I also really appreciated the fan’s design, which efficiently circulates air throughout the entire shop, while enhancing our overall aesthetic. The fans have a direct drive motor versus a gearbox motor, so they not only look nice but require virtually no maintenance.” – Musler Motorsports

For their 6,000 square-foot garage, Musler Motorsports installed a 14-foot XP fan. This was an ideal choice for them (and other workshops) because it comes with a 2′ rigid mount and is powered by 110v input, making installation easy and quick. Once installed everyone in the shop noticed a huge difference in the temperatures. Although the XP fan is centered over the primary work area, you can feel the cool air circulating in every corner of the shop.


Manufacturing Case Study: CoreCentric Solutions Inc.

“Hunter Industrial’s Titan fans provide uniform comfort year-round for our nearly 230 employees, which has in turn increased worker productivity. After moving to our new facility and installing these industrial fans, we’ve received no employee complaints related to workplace comfort.” – CoreCentric Solutions Inc.

With seven Hunter Industrial 24’ Titan fans installed in their unconditioned warehouse spaces, CoreCentric has increased their workplace comfort throughout the entire year. Hunter HVLS fans reduce temperatures on average 10 to 12 degrees in warmer months and will circulate warm air at the ceiling level down to the floor when it’s cooler. The CoreCentric team enjoy the ability to adjust the fans’ speed to match seasonal needs. They can increase speeds in summer for a light breeze versus utilizing lower speeds in winter.


Warehouse Case Study: Greenhouse Ministries

“The fans create a nice breeze in the summer and circulate warm air in the winter, vastly improving the working conditions for our staff and volunteers. Our people are the life force of our organization, so anything we can do to improve conditions for them greatly helps our overall mission. Now, our warehouse is honestly the most enjoyable room in our facility.” – Greenhouse Ministries

These huge ceiling fans move large volumes of air, one Hunter HVLS Industrial fan can replace 10 to 20 floor-fans. By creating an evaporative cooling effect, our warehouse fans can diminish air temperatures by 10 to 12 degrees. Because heat rises during the colder months, these industrial fans push warm air trapped at ceiling level back down to the floor. This not only makes volunteers and workers more comfortable but also saves on average 10 percent on the organization’s power costs.

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage Case Study: Bernie Little Distributors, Inc.

“I’ve been impressed with the difference Hunter Industrial HVLS fans have made in eliminating facility safety hazards.” – Bernie Little Distributors, Inc.

Two of Hunter Industrial’s premier Titan 24-foot fans running at half-speed made an immediate difference. The added circulation eliminated the condensation build-up on the concrete, and employees were able to operate forklifts and execute daily tasks without the need for added caution. Warehouse staff has also remarked that the breeze HVLS fans provide throughout the day make their work environment more comfortable. And managers have noticed an increase in overall productivity during the hot Florida days.

Material Handling

Material Handling Case Study: MHR

“A leading ROI has been straight up employee satisfaction with having a comfortable and healthy work environment. Employee satisfaction directly relates to company growth—happy employees are more productive and reference other employees. In this way, we’ve gained back the value invested in the fans both in the short-term and long-term.” – MHR

Hunter Industrial fans have increased the facility’s ability to maintain and manage air temperatures with consistent and even airflow throughout their spacious warehouses. Because Hunter HVLS fans consistently lower temperatures by 10 to 20 degrees, MHR has named employee comfort and satisfaction as their top benefit. The ability to set these large fans to spin clockwise or counterclockwise is a valuable feature that increased functionality during any season.


Agriculture Case Study: Pleasant Hill Dairy, L.P.

“The fans’ direct drive motor also ensures no oil leaks down on the cows, which is a major issue with fans using more traditional motors … The efficiency and low wattage of Hunter’s fans have been a huge cost saver for me.” – Pleasant Hill Dairy, L.P.

Immediately after having Hunter Industrial fans installed, cows were more comfortable and under much less stress. As one of the quietest HVLS fans in the market, Hunter’s products have reduced stress through notable noise control. The continual circulation of air from Hunter’s HVLS fans has created a comfortable temperature for both workers and dairy cows. The consistent breeze generated by the HVLS fans has also curbed pests, cutting down on the number of flies in the new facility.

One Hunter HVLS Industrial Fan Can Replace 10-20 Floor Fans.

Our fans push around air, NOT all of your paperwork.


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Energy Saving

Efficient air movement significantly reduces heating and cooling costs. This is especially so in a large facility. Annual energy savings on average are 20% – 30%.

Boost the Bottom Line

Improving climate control can help boost productivity and employee retention. It also protects your product inventory and property.

Improve Safety

Poor climate control can contribute to more accidents in the workplace. Heat exhausted workers make mistakes. Condensation on concrete floors can cause slips and falls.

Hunter Industrial’s high-volume, low-speed fans are 50 percent more efficient than other leading brands.
These fans move more air with less energy.

Good-bye Gearboxes. Hello Direct-Drive.

Hunter Industrial fans are the result of years of research and development. These fans have an innovative direct-drive motor that makes them more powerful than most other industrial ceiling fans. Not only are they light, and efficient, but they are also surprisingly affordable.

The Titan

The largest industrial ceiling fan we have. The Titan is the flagship product of Hunter Industrial.

  • Available in 5 sizes: 24, 20, 18, 16, or 14 feet
  • Fan blades designed by aerospace engineers
  • Direct-drive motor specifically designed for the industrial fan market
The Eco

The Eco high-volume, low-speed fans are the most lightweight and economical industrial fans around.

  • Blades range from 24 to 8 feet
  • Networkable touchscreen controls available
  • Manage up to 30 fans at once.
  • Fan blades designed by aerospace engineers
  • Direct-drive motor specifically designed for the industrial fan market
The XP

The highly efficient XP series is specifically designed for year-round HVAC cost savings.

  • Direct-drive motor specifically designed for the industrial fan market
  • Fan blades designed by aerospace engineers
  • Equipped with variable speed control for maximum performance and efficiency

HVLS fans are the most energy-efficient industrial ventilation solution

The breeze that HVLS fans generate help improve everyone’s comfort and make the heat more tolerable.
In the cooler months, HVLS fans circulate warm air at the ceiling down to the floor where it’s needed.

Heat Cost Saving 45%
A/C Consumption Reduction 30%

The Dillard Guarantee:

With Dillard Door, you know that you’re dealing with local, trusted businesses. We ‘ve got decades of experience, and if anything goes wrong, we are ready to make it right. If you are not 100% satisfied with the service we have provided, we will work with you until you are. All materials we use are as specified and up to the code in your area. And we guarantee to protect the condition of your business.

The Hunter HVLS Warranty:

When registered with Hunter, the motor and blades have lifetime limited warranty coverage. This applies to the life of the product as long as it remains in its original installation site. Complete details can be found here.

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