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5 innovations in parking management solutions to increase your revenue

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If you run a business where customers or employees will need to spend a significant amount of time, they will need a place to park. But parking management isn’t always easy, especially in urban areas. The traditional parking lot can cause problems. Vehicles are unprotected from the elements, and some are required to walk long distances in order to reach the building they are trying to go to. When people need to park for several days, such as when they are going on a trip, airport parking systems need to address how they want to handle the extended use of a parking spot and serve other customer needs, such as luggage assistance. With all these factors, it is clear that the way that parking is managed can significantly affect the success of a business. So how can businesses use innovative parking solutions to make it easy for customers and ultimately increase revenue, especially when space may be limited?

Shared Parking With Other Businesses

If you’ve ever gone out on the town at night, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced frustration when looking for a place to park on the street. If there’s a busy event, such as a concert or sporting event, you may need to drive several blocks just to find a decent spot. Your frustration may also be exacerbated by the fact that you’re passing several unavailable lots that are virtually empty because those businesses are closed in the evenings. Here’s where knowing your neighbors is a good thing. Different businesses have different peak business hours. When businesses that are close to one another can coordinate about parking, it’s a win-win for both businesses.

Using Stacked Parking Systemsmesa-tower

A good way to get the best use out of any space with limited square footage is to find a way to utilize vertical space rather than keeping everything on one level. There are various forms of stacked parking systems that can help businesses serve their customers better. Stacked parking is a common component of many airport systems that combine with shuttle systems to make travel more efficient. These systems use hydraulic lifts to allow vehicles to be stacked on one another. While the vehicle is parked, it is secured in a protected and confined space, which also minimizes the risk of theft or vandalism.

Ticketless Parking

For smaller secured parking, ticketless parking has become increasingly popular. Rather than stopping to have an attendant take a paper ticket before leaving a parking garage, these systems use license plate recognition to increase efficiency. Customers can have parking contracts, or they can pay each time they park. To make the process even quicker, and limit contact, they may choose to pay by phone.

Codex Barcode Ticketing

Codex parking management systems is a parking solution by that uses flash bar codes to quickly read tickets in large parking areas. Readers can be accessed through a variety of terminal types, including pay on foot options, entry/exit terminals, and manual cashier terminals. Coupon printers are also available in order to encourage customers to return to shopping venues.

Reflex Magnetic Ticketing

Reflex is a flexible ticketing option that is popular in shared parking areas. It offers options such as credit card payments, categorizing of different types of titles, license plate reading, and more on easy-to-use terminals.

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