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COVID-19 Space Requirements In The “New Normal”

COVID-19 Space Requirements in the “New Normal”

The new normal. It’s now one of the most talked-about occurrences of our time. Many of us are still adapting, and office spaces are prime for pandemic-era updates. 

Flexible Space Solutions Are More Needed Than Ever

Increasingly, business owners and property managers need space solutions that are flexible enough to be useful and attractive for as long as they’re needed, but demountable as times change in the future. They need a “here today, gone tomorrow” solution for their space updates.

The property manager of one downtown commercial high-rise has had an influx of interest from tenants to change their interior space without major construction. The tenants, unsurprisingly, need a way to bring more people back to the office while keeping them safely apart. They are in need of new office partitions, office dividers, and room partitions.

Most companies, including this property manager, do not want to sacrifice comfort and aesthetics to get the job done. One of our business partners, Special-Lite, offers just that. Special-Lite is an expert in quality aluminum engineering and manufacturing.

Attractive, Flexible, and Quick Space Solutions

Special-Lite’s Omega Interior Aluminum Framing is a way to attractively, quickly, and flexibly add new space segments to an existing office layout. Beautiful glass walls attach to aluminum framing to create office partitions and room dividers. The aluminum frames, the doors, and their hardware can easily integrate with the walls that already exist. And, all of it can be demounted as future needs change.

The aluminum frames are crafted to be both beautiful and durable. The glass walls add absolutely no restriction on the quality of natural light or the views throughout the office space. The doors are custom fabricated for a precise fit and function.

It’s not just offices that are updating their spaces. This framing solution also works for creating partitions and room dividers in schools and classrooms, waiting rooms, places of worship, and many other types of space.

Meeting a Variety of Needs for 2021 – and Beyond

At Dillard, we’re ready to help you move swiftly with your changing space needs. If you need to create office partitions or rooms dividers, just reach out and we’ll help you create a solution through our free consultation.

Plus, Dillard Companies can create solutions to fit any situation. Our capabilities span entrance control, security, glass solutions, electrical solutions, and more. Let us know how we can help you in 2021 – and beyond!


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