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Attractive Yet Durable Doors The Missing Piece Of Architectural Puzzle

Attractive Yet Durable Doors the Missing Piece of Architectural Puzzle

For three years, a church outside of Oxford, Mississippi, raised money for the construction of a new community center on their grounds. The architecture for the community center included a full-size gym with a basketball court, performance auditorium, fitness room, and 150-person banquet hall. 

Finally, the community center is underway. Because the architect knew how much use the center is going to see, he called for exterior and interior doors that can face heavy-duty demands while also offering affordable, long-lasting aesthetics. He knew teens would run through the gym doors on their way to the court, kicking the doors closed behind them. Band members would push through auditorium doors with hard instrument cases. Catering carts would have to be frequently rolled through from the kitchen area to the dining tables. And of course, with Mississippi’s hot, humid summers and the occasional tornado threat, the construction material had to be ready to withstand whatever the weather might bring.

The architect chose fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) doors, manufactured by Special-Lite and supplied by Dillard Door. FRP doors provide scratch and dent resistance appropriate for their daily use, while also offering beautiful finishes such as wood grain, aluminum, or pebble grain. Once installed, the doors can be painted to fit the design of any space. 

FRP doors are proven to require less in maintenance costs over their long lifetimes, and, despite being strong and durable, they are in fact more lightweight than other heavy-duty materials such as stainless steel. The FRP material is non-corrosive and water-resistant, making them ideal for exterior as well as interior uses.

Dillard Door is proud to partner with Special-Lite for customer solutions such as these. Special-Lite is known for its engineering prowess and, like Dillard, its dedication to exceptional customer solutions that stand the test of time. When your construction projects call for practical yet beautiful entryways, reach out to Dillard Door for a free consultation. We will have a solution that meets your needs!   

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