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Even Garage Doors Can Look Like Art

Even Garage Doors Can Look Like Art

A New Way to Create Curb Appeal

One of our architecture partners contacted us about garage door options for her client’s new commercial space. Her client, a successful event-planning company, purchased a building with an attached parking garage. The garage is accessed from a well-trafficked thoroughfare.

 After renovation, the building will become the event planners’ new home for their regional offices and showroom. 

The architect wanted her client’s employee garage to be protected by doors that move swiftly up and down with the swipe of an access card. But she also wanted the doors to have curbside appeal. After all, thousands of cars – potential clients for the event planners – would drive past every day. 

We had an exciting new recommendation for her. Her client could showcase their expertise by creating a larger-than-life image right on the custom garage doors. That way, anyone driving past would see the sparkle of crystal and the color from floral centerpieces. They would quickly understand what this company does. 

Innovation in Custom Garage Doors

You might be asking, how do you get an event image on a commercial garage door?

A trusted door supplier, CornellCookson has a new in-house capability that prints edge-to-edge full-color images on their doors. The service is called ImageMatch Finish and it works for most of the doors they offer. Any quality high-resolution image can be printed directly on the door. 

After printing, the image is sealed to extend its life and reduce scratching or chipping. Keeping the image well maintained is easy, requiring just a soft cloth to wipe away any dirt and grime that collects. 

Needless to say, the event-planning company thought their architect was a genius. And that’s how we know we gave her the best recommendation possible. 

Endless Possibilities

This concept works for many applications – inside service doors, concession counter doors, pharmacy doors, and more. The artwork could be a logo, an original design, wording, or, like the event planners, a depiction of the company’s services. The possibilities are nearly endless. 

We’re excited for the advertising “oomph” ImageMatch Finish now offers our clients and partners. If you’d like to include this capability in your next custom garage door design, reach out and we’ll get you the details you need!

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