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What We’ve Learned: Serving Our Customers Means Keeping Up with the Times

A lot has changed since Dillard Door got its start in 1947. World War II had just ended, a loaf of bread cost a mere 13 cents, Chuck Yeager, United States Air Force Captain, became the first pilot to break the sound barrier, Polaroid cameras with color film were brand new and quite rare, and Jackie Robinson became the first Black baseball player to play in Major League Baseball. 

Our life is very different from the way life was back in 1947 in almost every facet. And at Dillard Door, our company has grown and expanded to stay in step with the changing times. 

In our 75 years of business, we’ve continuously worked to evolve our operations and offerings to keep current with the needs of our customers, and to best serve our community here in Memphis. 

Everything we do is centered around serving our customers. And what we’ve learned is that means staying on the cutting edge to provide the current, relevant services our customers need.

A (Very) Brief History of Dillard Door’s Services

In 1947, the cost of a brand new car averaged $1,864. And Dillard Door was just starting out, first as a glass company, but there was no stopping us there. Ready for more, the Dillard Door company saw an opportunity to better serve the businesses of Memphis and expanded to offer more: Doors, gates, glass, and more. 

The idea was to provide business owners with everything they needed to secure and maintain their entrances, all in one place. After all, running a Memphis business or managing a facility is time-consuming enough without having to select and hire multiple contractors, plus electricians and other technicians, qualified repair people, and more.

Over the years, this has taken us to some pretty amazing places. We installed specially-fabricated automated gates at Graceland. We’ve supported museums and even the Red Birds Baseball team. But we don’t want to rely on past successes as the world around us continues to evolve. To continue to better our community, our services have had to evolve.

Today, we provide all the service offerings a business would need for entrance control in the 21st century: Not just the glass, doors, and gates we started with in 1947, but the electrical services to power it all, plus:

  • Specialty doors and automatic doors
  • Access control and security alarms
  • CCTV and blue light cameras
  • Parking systems
  • Architectural design 
  • And more

Looking Ahead: Where We’re Going from Here

At Dillard Door, our customers have become accustomed to getting the secure, reliable outcomes and speedy repairs they need all in one place. They know they can find modern, innovative solutions, knowledgeable, friendly, and honest experts, as well as ongoing maintenance from us, all in one place. 

And we’re not planning on stopping anytime soon. 

That’s why we’re continuing to expand our services into the 21st century. Memphis today is busy and thriving, and we want to support this kind of continued growth in our community.

Once again, we have expanded our business with new technologies to support Memphis with electric vehicle charging stations. Suitable for parking garages and on street sides and parking lots, these charging stations are the perfect next step for Dillard Door and the city—not to mention the environment. 

Electric vehicles are clean, safe, and cost-efficient, but in many places, the adoption of these vehicles has been slowed as a result of the lack of access to electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. We’ve chosen affordable, convenient charging stations for a seamless experience for property managers and better air quality for all Memphis residents. The charging stations we’ve chosen are forward thinking, easy to use, and even come with an app that puts power in the hands of the user—literally.

Why have we taken this next step? Not only do we care about the well-being of our great city, but we’re working to make the lives of our clients simpler. Now, they can rely on Dillard Door for their parking system services and for their EV charging stations. We’re planning on installing reliable, accessible EV charging stations throughout the city.

We don’t plan on putting our ever-broadening services on hold anytime soon—we’ll continue to add the products our customers need to keep up with the times.To learn more about how we put the needs of customers like you first, reach out to our team today!

We Would Like To Hear From You.

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