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5 reasons to install high-security revolving doors and portals

Access control is a key part of running a secure business. Customers and employees need to come in, but businesses also need to keep certain people out. Some businesses solve this accessibility vs intrusion prevention problem by hiring building security to monitor who is using your doors. This strategy gets expensive and can fail due to human error.

High-tech security portals and revolving doors combine the functions of an entryway and dedicated guards. They give companies a host of tools for monitoring access, trimming costs, and increasing safety. Here are five reasons to take a closer look at these doors:

1. Many Models Don’t Require Supervision

Revolving DoorThese doors and portals support high traffic entry with little to no oversight needed. They can be set to allow continuous entry during working hours to the public-facing parts of the building. Employee-only areas may be gated by various automatic systems like biometrics, multifactor authentication, and key cards. Some models can also be connected to your fire systems. These open up automatically when the alarm goes off.

2. They Help You Gather Customer and Employee Metrics

The security features built into these devices give you a lot of information on entry, including:

  • at what point of the day is there the highest customer activity
  • which entry points are most favored by customers
  • when exactly an employee enters via a keycard
  • whether employees are able to efficiently complete tasks with minimal trips around the building
  • documentation on door access to prove regulatory compliance

3. These Doors Can Save On Your Energy Bills

Revolving DoorSecurity portals and doors are designed with an ‘always open, always closed’ system. There is no point where air is freely flowing. Instead, only pockets of outside air come through the system. This greatly reduces lost heat in winter and lost air conditioning in the summer, slashing your HVAC bills.

4. They Offer Piggybacking and Tailgating Prevention

High-security doors may be built with integrated sensors like overhead heat detectors and contact mats on the floor. They can detect if two people are improperly sharing a compartment, or if someone is slipping into the next one and following an authorized user in. These doors also offer automatic one-way exit functions and stop turning when a user is trying to re-enter.

5. High-Security Doors and Portals Perform in a Crisis

These portals and doors have a variety of emergency features that help you stay on top of building access during a crisis. They include:

  • backup batteries
  • push-to-slow and emergency stop buttons
  • door lockdown if unauthorized people have been detected
  • manual open systems in case of power outage
  • built-in comm systems
  • tamper- and damage-resistant construction

Dillard Door is Your Partner in Building Security

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