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Why you should protect your retail business with rolling doors

Property destruction is often one of the biggest problems to come along with any civil disturbance or riot. Even if you have no involvement in the situation and are located far from the epicenter of any event, enterprising vandals may use the disarray as an excuse to damage and enter your facility. Protecting any retail environment is a challenge due to the need for open floor plans, multiple access points for foot traffic management, and large panels of fragile glass for display opportunities. Don’t give up on glass store-front designs or put up with repeated damage when large rolling security doors can solve the problem.

Visual Deterrent

Store DefenderThe first level of riot protection offered by a security door is visual deterrence. When a heavy-duty roller door is lowered over the exposed glass or accessible doors of the retail shop, rioters and other opportunistic criminals are much less likely to see your storefront as a target. For those concerned about cannabis industry security in particular, this may be enough to keep both routine vandalism and riot damage from occurring. Choose a door product with custom powder coat colors to match the exterior while remaining visibly distinct enough to be a clear visual indicator of security.

Prevent Serious Damage

With a sturdy security door actually designed to stop armed access, you can protect any storefront from serious damage. Cannabis industry security is a challenge year-round even when there are no riots or other disturbances because they are often targets for thefts and vandalism. Simple security measures like grilles and open-chain covers aren’t sufficient for this kind of target. Add in the potential for rioting in many areas where cannabis retail is concentrated and you can understand the value of a true rolling security door system. The StoreDefender door offers advanced damage-resistant features like an 18 gauge solid curtain, a 3” lift resistance rating of over 4500 lbs, and the durability to withstand multiple attackers. This kind of security feature can make all the difference in preventing tens of thousands of dollars in direct property damage, not to mention the potential for product loss to looting.

Control Unauthorized Access

Store DefenderCannabis retail stores can hold thousands of dollars of merchandise at any one time, making features like door security all the more important. Aside from preventing damage to costly plate glass windows and doors, rolling doors designed for riot protection keep looters from accessing the store. Unauthorized access to the interior doesn’t just lead to theft either. Vandalism and even arson are common issues when rioters manage to breach the exterior of a building.

Let Dillard Door help you choose the right riot protection systems for your retail business, especially for cannabis industry security. While all retail buildings can benefit from this kind of increased security, some businesses are targeted more than others during periods of unrest. Make sure you have peace of mind from a door designed for moderate risk scenarios, such as the StoreDefender Door.

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