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Business Theft Can Happen From Both Inside And Outside Jobs

Business Theft Can Happen from Both Inside and Outside Jobs

The Importance of Modern Commercial Security Systems

Charitable organizations play an important role in communities throughout the U.S., and one Mid-South faith-based charity is no different. This organization collects goods, toys, clothing, and donations for distribution to families and individuals in financial distress. The organization and its volunteers are especially busy during the holidays. 

Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has unexpectedly created more need and inventory volume for the organization this year. Luckily, a security upgrade from a couple of years ago is helping the charity and its volunteers safely warehouse the influx of incoming inventory until it is provided to community members in need.

Several years ago, the warehouse that is leased by this charity was targeted for theft by an unscrupulous volunteer who had affiliations with other thieves, unbeknownst to the organization’s staff. This volunteer had learned how the security cameras at the warehouse operated and disabled them to enable the robbery. The charity lost half of its inventory at peak season that night. 

After the incident, the staff and board determined that a security upgrade was in order at the warehouse. Dillard Door provided consultation and installation services for the new commercial security system, and continues to provide maintenance and ongoing training. 

Property crime is the most common criminal activity across the country annually. Commercial places, both non-profit and for-profit, are big targets. Outdated security systems, such as old-fashioned cameras and breach alarms sending notices to a monitoring system, don’t provide enough protection because experienced thieves know these basic defense systems and plan for them. They also know that most monitoring services are passive, only reacting when an alert has been signaling past three or more minutes. 

Security is Always Unique

Unlike the typical market offering, which tries to apply a cookie-cutter commercial security system to accommodate everyone organization’s needs, Dillard Security Systems views each customer as having a unique and specific need. That means tailoring services and protections to what the customer actually needs — both now and in the future for growth. 

Budgets, specific security risks, the nature of external and internal people interacting with the business and physical factors of the business all come into play. 

Dillard works with each customer to adjust and address all the details of how to protect its facility and core assets. In addition, training and administration guidance are all included, as well as segmentation of control capability to avoid one person having too much control of a system. Both interior and exterior protections can be integrated, as well as live monitoring and proactive noticing. 

Dillard can also incorporate all the necessary safety alarms and protections as well fire and suppression capability. And because Dillard has a reputation and experiences built over years of reliable service with customers of all sizes, we have the ability to provide custom support that makes sense and is effective for each customer.

Dillard Means Personal Involvement

Each business alarm system starts with an on-site visit, directly examining your property and facility and going over the specifics of what defenses should be utilized. Once the quote and scope are agreed to, installation is up and running to put your Dillard system in place. 

If it’s time for you to consider an update to your organization’s commercial security system, just reach out and we’d be glad to recommend the protections that are right for you.

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