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An Ounce of Prevention: How Dillard Door Is Helping Local Businesses Stay Protected

Perhaps you’ve seen the local headlines: Break-ins and smash-and-grabs at local businesses are on the rise. Here at Dillard Door & Entrance Control, we’re seeing the same thing.  Jewelry stores, liquor stores, and even battery businesses. 

In one instance, there were three businesses in the same neighborhood all broken into on the same night. In a real-world example of the importance of security controls and prevention, one of our clients in the very same area—who had just installed security shutters—emerged unscathed.

We’re witnessing a rise in break-ins, shootings, and similar crimes. But fortunately, we are also seeing an uptick in the purchase of security shutters, bullet-resistant glass, high-resolution surveillance cameras, and other tools designed to keep businesses safe from these threats. Here’s why Memphis organizations should seriously consider investing in “an ounce of prevention—” before they wind up paying for a pound of cure.

Now Is the Perfect Time to Rethink Storefront Security

At Dillard Door, we have so many clients come to us after a break-in or incident. It’s a good opportunity for them to re-think the way they secure and defend their business from another attack. 

But we know that for so many of these businesses here in our community, dealing with a break-in after the fact can place so much more strain on the company. Not only are they dealing with the financial ramifications of a break-in, but they have to invest in putting their business back together, take the time to find better security solutions, and potentially even deal with damage to their reputation as a safe business that puts security first. 

Our goal is always to safeguard our community businesses and organizations before these kinds of incidents happen. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and goals, find the best solutions to keep them protected, and help them avoid these kinds of devastating losses. Many of our clients find that investing in these sorts of solutions may even lower their insurance rates.

We’ve seen and heard anecdotes about the power of prevention; like video surveillance footage of intruders walking past Memphis businesses protected by security shutters. It’s no secret that both of these tools were instrumental in keeping that business safe. We believe that being proactive is key. After all, there are fewer losses to contend with when you choose to secure your business before anything happens.

How Dillard Door & Entrance Control Can Help

Our Dillard family knows that break-ins, robberies, shattered windows and doors, and other similar incidents can do more than just damage your storefront. That’s why we’re helping local community partners find the right solutions to invest in protecting their businesses.

We know that as a business owner or operator here in Memphis, your organization is more than just a job; it’s a source of pride. You love what you do—and so do we. We love helping you feel safe. Ultimately, it can be such an easy choice to make when you think of it as investing in the future of your company. After all, you would go the extra mile to protect your home and your family. Why not do the same for your livelihood?

We’re experiencing a rise in crime here in Memphis. One of our clients is a perfect example. After running a business in the liquor industry for over 15 years, their storefront was broken into 5 times in just two months. Meanwhile, another one of our clients invested in bulletproof glass for their business, then had a shooting a week after installation and made it through with only minimal damage to the glass.

Times may be changing. Regardless of whether or not this rise in crime is forever, the fact is, crime is rising right now. Why not invest in the future of your business today?

Here’s how we’re helping community business leaders throughout the area:

  • Fully-monitored video surveillance services, including text license-plate reading technology, motion-activated monitoring, and Netwatch solutions equipped with a speaker to announce presence and ward off potential criminals.
  • Security QMI shutters, rolling doors, and folding gates to protect businesses after hours.
  • Solar Tech glass window film to strengthen glass and prevent smash-and-grabs without the look and feel of metal shutters. Ideal for historic buildings or anywhere business owners don’t want the look and feel of metal shutters or gates.
  • High-security revolving doors and panels.
  • Alarm systems that manage access points, connect you with authorities, and keep you on alert even when you aren’t on-premises.
  • Perimeter security lighting to shed light on every section of your organization’s property.

An ounce of prevention. Isn’t it worth it? To learn more about how we can protect your business or organization, connect with our team of security experts today.

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