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Why you need a video surveillance system for your business

surveillance camerasProperty crimes are on the rise, and thieves and other criminals have always seen businesses as particularly easy marks. Studies suggest that businesses have become even more vulnerable since the pandemic came on the scene, especially those situated in downtown cores after remote working became the norm. No matter where your business is located, however, video surveillance is a necessary amenity for protecting your assets. The right video surveillance not only helps law enforcement find and identify criminals who have targeted your business, but they also promote accountability among employees, help fight wrongful lawsuits, and keep insurance rates down.

Modern Video Surveillance Systems Perform a Variety of Important Functions

Security Camera

Not all surveillance systems are the same, however, and it’s important to choose the one that best suits your individual needs and preferences. Twenty-first-century security systems are also a far cry from their counterparts of the past. Instead of simply sounding a shrill alarm when unauthorized activity is detected, today’s surveillance systems use integrated technology to provide each client with a customized experience. Here’s what a modern system can do for you.

Restrict Access to Sensitive Areas

Suppose you have certain areas in your business containing sensitive information and/or materials. The right surveillance system keeps out those who don’t belong.

Lock Down the Facility With the Touch of a Button

This feature provides an invaluable layer of safety in the event that your property is accessed by those wishing to cause harm to your staff and other occupants. Simply touch a button to lock everything down.

Serve as Time Clocks

Today’s surveillance systems can also be programmed to serve as employee time clocks, reducing the need for paperwork and providing the highest possible degree of real-time accuracy.

Contact Dillard Security Services for More Information

The first step in devising a surveillance system that works for you is to have your business thoroughly evaluated by the skilled staff at Dillard Security Services. We’ll take a close look at the layout of your business, your traffic patterns, and your individual security needs before crafting a customized plan for a comprehensive surveillance system. Contact us today to set up a free consultation.

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