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The benefits of mobile access control

If your business, real estate complex, school or hospital needs an access control system, you have lots of options.

Today, mobile access control is an excellent choice. Mobile access control uses a mobile credential such as an app on a smartphone to authenticate a user, allowing them into a room or building.

In the era of COVID, mobile access control is a touchless option, keeping all users safer. It’s just one of many benefits of using mobile access control. Here is a look at few others:

Prevalence of Smartphones

Almost every adult in the United States carries a smartphone. That makes the solution easy to implement.


OpenPathKey cards can be easily cloned with inexpensive devices. However, mobile credentials are far more secure, and can use multifactor authentication, creating even more protection that access will remain protected.

Cost Effective

Access and ID cards inevitably are lost, stolen, misplaced or forgotten. That means needing to have backup plans in place to allow access, leading to additional operational costs and policies. What’s more, mobile access control means no need to invest in cards or fobs that need to distributed, replenished and managed.


With mobile access systems, administrators can provide access to any user remotely. There’s no handoff of a physical object, providing a more hygienic and convenient option.


Conditions change, with users leaving or coming on board. With mobile access controls, administrators can revoke a credential remotely and immediately. As soon as a tenant or employee leaves, their access can be removed and their mobile credentials inactivated.

Ease of Installation

Installing a mobile access control system uses standard wiring and usually does require additional servers or a dedicated IP network.

Seamless Integrations

Mobile access control systems integrate easily with other systems in use at your facility, including HR, single sign-on, safety and wellness, video management, identity, and tenant and visitor management systems.

User Experience

OpenPathFor employees visiting other offices, visitors or other guests, mobile credentials allow you to grant access remotely. Streamline visitor management and interoffice travel without overly complicated manual systems.

At Dillard Security Services, we partner with Openpath for mobile access control solutions. Openpath is a proven leader in mobile access control, providing intuitive, secure, reliable and seamless options for those needing to secure and manage access points. To learn more about our mobile access control solutions, contact us today.

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