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7 Ways to Make Your Business More Secure

In today’s world, security has become more important, especially for businesses of all types and sizes. When you think about it, keeping a building secure starts with its doors. If you’re eager to make your business more secure for your employees and customers, here are seven ways to meet your goal.

Keyless access control system1. Keyless Door Access Control System

Since it’s vital only authorized individuals be able to enter certain areas, using a keyless door access control system can help you meet your security needs. By using video readers, cameras, and other high-tech devices to scan ID badges or a person’s hand or face, you can maintain high levels of security 24/7.

2. Door Reader

Able to be integrated with a building’s video security system, a Door Reader can handle both low and high-frequency card formats. Easy to install and for others to use, this technology can be the difference between keeping your business safe and allowing the unthinkable to occur.

3. Facial Recognition Software

Using AI facial recognition software, your business can have this software integrated with existing security cameras. Able to scan people’s faces at a door, at a distance, and without requiring any interaction from the person, AI technology can help you identify suspicious individuals who try to gain unlawful entry.

4. Smart Door Locks and Hardware

Using cloud-based software that is user-friendly, you can have smart door locks and hardware installed and instantly gain peace of mind. Once done, this will allow for managing and regulating access rights of visitors, staff, and others in all areas of your business. Whether it’s the main entrance, exterior doors, offices, or other areas, your business will be secure.

5. IP Cameras

Often a very strong deterrent against crime, IP cameras installed near front doors or other doors on a business can not only ensure unauthorized individuals stay on the outside looking in, but also give your employees and customers added security by monitoring their movements when walking through parking lots or other isolated areas.

6. Video Management System

Requiring little training in its use, a video management system allows your business to not only integrate the system with existing access control systems, but also bring interactive mapping, two-way audio, and other features into the mix. In doing so, this reduces review time and helps investigations be completed much more quickly.

7. Door Status Monitoring

Using state-of-the-art smart locks that can be installed on doors, gates, and other areas, your business can have 24/7 door status monitoring capability. Able to be integrated with mobile devices such as your smartphone, you’ll have real-time monitoring with locks that come in a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes to ensure they fit in well with the existing architecture of your business.

By investing in the next generation of security technology aimed at access control, your business can be one that demonstrates it takes the potential threats of today’s world very seriously. Whether it’s smart locks, keyless systems, or other security products, Let Dillard Door help your business to always be as safe as possible.

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