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Touchless Access Control Safeguards Against COVID-19 and Other Contagions

Due to the COVID-19 situation, most people are paying far more attention to the threat of disease spread than they have in a century or more. However, COVID-19 isn’t the only reason to be concerned about germs. Any sort of contagious disease can affect your employees, resulting in lowered productivity and increased absenteeism.

One of the most common ways for disease to spread is via contaminated surfaces. Even though COVID-19 is said not to last too long on such surfaces, this is not a protection when employees are opening a door one right after the other. The logical solution for this is to eliminate the need for them to touch the door and related surfaces, such as security number pads, in order to get it to open.

Eliminating the Need to Touch Doors and Physical Security Systems

The Openpath system offers a way to maintain security while eliminating the need to touch number pads, swipe badges, or use keys to gain access to a building or restricted area. Openpath authentication is triggered when a would-be entrant waves a hand near the Openpath sensor at the door. The sensor then sends out a request via Bluetooth Low Energy, which is picked up by the person’s phone. If the person is authorized, the phone then sends the correct signal and the door unlocks.

Building management or other authorized security personnel determine who is allowed, and through which doors. It isn’t possible for someone to simply download the app to again access; without the required authorizations in the system, the doors won’t open.

Multiple Failsafes Keep the System Working

Unlike some security systems, Openpath works even if local internet connectivity is down or if something interferes with its normal Bluetooth proximity detector. This is because users can, if needed, manually open the app as a backup option. In this situation, the app sends its authorization signal over Wi-Fi and cellular data as well as BLE. The Openpath wall-mounted unit then opens the door.

Where Can Openpath be Used?

Openpath is great for any doors where multiple people must be authorized to enter. This makes it great for offices and factories, as well as for hotels, apartment buildings, and other locations that see a large amount of foot traffic.

Contact Dillard Security Services for more information on Openpath and how it could benefit your office or facility. We’ll be glad to help you reduce disease risk and improve traffic flow.

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