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How AI Is Making Security Systems Better

Artificial intelligence (AI) security refers to systems and strategies that use AI to automatically detect and respond to possible cyber attacks. Artificial intelligence is described as the ability for machines to do smart tasks without the need for human input.

As a result, AI security entails using AI to find and fix cyber threats with much less human interaction than is normally required or necessary with conventional security measures. Here are some ways artificial intelligence makes security systems better.

Benefits of AI In Security Systems

Machine Learning

When confronted with new or unfamiliar behaviors, AI technology analyzes previous behavior and allows for immediate, relevant information. For example, an AI security system may compare unknown movement within a person’s home or business inconsistent with the pattern of movements normally monitored by the system. This data can then be used to inform security personnel about potential threats.

Extrapolating and Categorizing Data to Make Intelligent Decisions

Artificial intelligence also allows systems to make intelligent decisions with missing information. The AI extrapolates and categorizes relevant data that already exists within the system and looks for patterns that may fill in the blanks. This means that the system can identify and report threats or suspicious activity, even without a lot of new data.

Offering Multiple Solutions For Any One Security Issue

AI can quickly go through potential solutions to common security problems, offering multiple solutions to a single issue. This allows technicians to review all possible scenarios to determine and apply the solution that offers the most benefit and least risk to the client.

Why Choose the Incyte Smart Security System?

Incyte Intelligent Security enhances your surveillance system with artificial intelligence, making your recording devices smarter, your security officers more precise, and your neighborhoods safer. We recognize that no two establishments require the same level of protection.

That’s why we collaborate with our clients to pinpoint top security problems, evaluate your current technology, and build solutions that are right for you. We’ll evaluate your site and current security system before setting up. In less than 6 hours, Incyte can get customers set up remotely or on-site. Then, our security professionals will provide you with continuing security training and comprehensive assistance.

Contact us today to schedule a demo to learn more.

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