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Securing Multi-Family Facilities

Apartment buildings, condos, student housing and other multi-family facilities can be challenging to keep secure without the right solution. With multiple people going in and out of these facilities on a regular basis, it’s easier for intruders or unauthorized individuals to get in. Yale Multi-Family Lock Solutions provides a convenient way to make sure your multi-family facilities stay as secure as possible. This helps keep tenants and their personal property safe from theft and other types of crime. These locks can also be used for securing commercial properties.

Protect All Facility Entrances and Openings

Yale Multi-Family Lock Solutions can be used to secure every opening or entryway in your multi-family facilities. You can use this system to secure residence doors, exterior doors, main offices and main entrances. You can even use these locks to keep elevator call buttons secure, as well as parking garages, pools and other common areas. This can provide both you and your tenants with peace of mind. Yale Multi-Family Lock Solutions offer dependable security that goes beyond main entrances and residence doors.

Combine Style and Security

When you rely on Yale Multi-Family Lock Solutions for your multi-family residential facility or your business facility, you’ll get the best of both worlds. These locks feature stylish, modern designs that can enhance the appearance of your facility while also providing top-of-the-line technological features for security. These locks use cloud-based software that allow you to easily manage access rights for tenants, staff and visitors in order to prevent unauthorized access.

Enjoy an Affordable and Effective Single System Security Solution

Despite the advanced security features, Yale Multi-Family Lock Solutions are simple to operate. These locks are low-maintenance, cost-effective and user-friendly for your convenience. Whether you need to provide access rights to new apartment tenants or adjust access rights for staff in your commercial building, these locks allow you to do so from anywhere. This single system offers an affordable and effective way to make sure your tenants or staff are safe from intruders at all hours.

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