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You Deserve Better Than Reactive Security

Earlier this summer, a car dealership owner called us and told us of a theft at his dealership. All signs pointed to an inside job. The theft involved a dozen catalytic converters and the loss of two vehicles driven off the lot.

Of course, the owner had a system of security cameras at his location. The cameras eventually led to ID’ing and apprehending the thieves.

But, do you know what the cameras didn’t do?

Anything proactive to prevent the incident from happening in the first place.

We recommended he update the dealership security system with Netwatch.

If Your Security System Only Reacts, It Probably Isn’t Really Working

Netwatch provides live, remote monitoring and intervention services. The system relies on intelligent software that detects unauthorized movement. And when we say “intelligent,” we mean it. When the cameras detect movement, the system distinguishes between real threats and non-threats.

Verified threats go to Netwatch’s Communication Hub to determine the threat level and appropriate response. Then, an intervention specialist issues a live audio warning — customized for the situation at hand to inform the intruder they’re caught. The system also alerts the authorities and designated company personnel. While the authorities respond, the intervention specialist continues watching the incident until the site is completely secured.

You can imagine how comforting this was for a business owner who’d just lost tens of thousands of dollars in merchandise and confronted an unscrupulous employee. We had his Netwatch system up and running within a week of our initial conversation.

Don’t Just Document Security Breaches

If you want to prevent loss, and not just document it, Netwatch might be for you. Give us a call for a free consultation so we can evaluate your unique site and situation. There’s no upfront capital cost if you already have a CCTV security system. Netwatch services are provided for a fixed daily fee.

Where else will you find the combination of intelligent security software and a vigilant human eye working for you? Let us help you determine whether Netwatch will work for you.

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