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Industrial Air Curtains Pay Off Within Two Years

We recently wrote about the powerful benefits of having Berner Air Curtains installed at a restaurant or shop. But just as building sizes vary, so do air curtains.

That’s right, Berner Air Curtains are worthy of industrial jobs, too.

Three years ago, one of our customers asked us to install an air curtain at a distribution center loading dock. At the time, the summer months were approaching, just like now. His maintenance and engineering teams were aware of the significant energy waste from the old doors. They were constantly opening and closing in the Mid-South heat. This made inside temps unbearable for employees and invited a steady stream of pesky horse flies and mosquitoes.

To say the least, the employees were annoyed and distracted.

Our Dillard team recommended the installation of the Berner Industrial Direct 12 air curtain. Air curtains are proven to regulate indoor temperatures and stop wasteful energy loss. They also make it nearly impossible for flying insects to breach the door frame and enter the building. They do this by cloaking an entrance in a downward-moving air stream that is impenetrable for the vast majority of outside air and flying insects.

Perhaps most importantly, this investment at the distribution center really paid off for our customers. At last year’s maintenance check, we learned the air curtain had preserved energy and improved employee productivity enough that the cost of the air curtain was recouped in two years.

That’s the type of solution we at the Dillard Companies love to bring to our customers.

Berner Industrial Air Curtains are highly engineered for performance and longevity. They protect the inside environment at openings up to 30 feet high. And, they know exactly when to do their job. Air curtains are activated automatically by a door switch, providing the air stream that stops unwanted elements from entering. Likewise, they turn off automatically when the door closes.

And, they’re effective in the wintertime, too. Most Berner Air Curtain models come with heating options. That way, energy savings and employee comfort last year-round.

Let us know if an air curtain could benefit your place of business. Our team will come out for a free consultation and guide you through the product options best for you.

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