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Keep Those Doors Open, Even in the Summer Heat!

Berner Air CurtainAn always-opening door is a sure sign of success for any restaurant, bar, or shop. But that movement could come with some annoyances, such as escaping air or pesky insects.

That’s why Joseph, an experienced Mid-South restaurateur, recently came to us. Joseph is opening his 3rd regional restaurant, this one with a sprawling patio that overlooks a meandering stream and abundant foliage. We all know, living in the Mid-South has us contending with hot, humid summers; aggressive mosquitoes; and winters that are a wild card in how cold they’ll get.

Joseph wanted to get ahead of climate or insect problems that might affect his patrons’ experience. He needed a way to control airflow while preserving the style and beauty of his entrances.

Air curtains will do the trick.

Dillard Door is a licensed distributor and installer for Berner Air Curtains. Air curtains are an engineering marvel in that they separate two different air environments at the doors where they’re installed. Conditioning (whether heated or cooled) stays on one side while outdoor air is blocked. Air curtains are about 80% effective at controlling airflow. And, USDA research shows that flying insects can’t cross this stream.

Air Curtain Controls Air Flow at Entrances

Certain air curtains blend seamlessly with architectural space. Design aesthetics remain untouched because air curtains are subtly mounted above the entrance. They are quiet and essentially unnoticeable to guests. Space reaps the benefits of effective climate control, lowered energy costs, and few to no flying insects. Air curtains also help prevent fumes or odors from reaching the protected space.

Air curtains are a great choice any time it’s important for your space to have highly trafficked entrances and controlled temperatures. They keep working as the seasons change, keeping summer or winter outside.

Reach out for a free consultation about your restaurant, bar, or shop. Whether it’s air curtains or other solutions, we’re pleased to help Mid-South businesses fully reopen and operate in this new normal.

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