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What We’ve Learned: Community Is Everything

One of the biggest takeaways we’ve observed in reflecting on the past 75 years of Dillard Door’s history here in Memphis? 

We didn’t get to where we are today without this incredible community.

Dillard Door has been dedicated to serving the community here in Memphis since the very beginning. Over the span of 75 years, we’ve installed a lot of gates, doors, security systems, and more. Crossing from one side of the city to the other, it’s hard not to run into one of our past projects or one of our current customers. 

We’ve had quite the run since 1947. But we couldn’t do it without Memphis. Here are just a handful of the ways we’ve given our Memphis neighbors the safety and security they need and deserve. 

The Gates to Graceland

Perhaps one of our biggest “claims to fame” is the installation of the grand, automated gates at Elvis Presley’s majestic Memphis home, Graceland. When Presley moved to Memphis in 1957, he was at the true height of his fame and wanted a safe haven from his otherwise hectic rock-and-roll life. 

Dillard Door installed the mechanisms to power those wrought iron gates—laden with lines of music notes that serve as a perfect homage to the famous resident—just about a month after Presley called Graceland his home. 

Today, the gates serve the same purpose they did 65 years ago: to protect the iconic home of Elvis Presley. More than 500,00 fans visit the site each year, encounter these gates, and as they approach the home, they are met with the enduring, welcoming legacy that Dillard Door helped bring to life. The Graceland gates are arguably among the most famous gates in the world, and even today, these gates open and close on command to welcome guests during visiting hours and keep the historic site safe after hours. 

Serving as a Partner for the Community

Not every day on the job is all about rock-and-roll, but our work makes us feel like rockstars. A big part of that is connecting with other companies in our community and providing them with the tools they need to keep their businesses safe. 

Take for example our work with Stax Music Academy. We’ve provided them with the solutions they need to nurture the next generation of iconic soul musicians. 

Outside the world of music, we’ve been an avid supporter of the Red Birds baseball team since they got their start. Our team serves on the boards of many organizations across the city, and even regularly maintains the cemetery next to our home base, Elmwood Cemetery, a location steeped in the history of Memphis.

But it’s not just the stadiums, national landmarks, museums, and other notable spots that matter to us. It’s the small business owners around the block looking for security, the parking garages designed with safety in mind, and the organizations that help us connect with fellow Memphians. That’s what our day-to-day work focuses on, and that’s what we take pride in doing year after year.

Building a Safer City

The work we do at Dillard Door is all about providing our customers a sense of security at all times of the day or night. For some, that’s access control and alarm systems, or automated gates. For others, it’s a blue light camera installed on a busy street so they can feel safe on their block.

A community member came to us with concerns regarding security on their street. They were having trouble gaining traction or seeing any real results. Hearing these thoughts, the team at Dillard Door worked with city officials to complete the necessary paperwork, find approval and funding, and get the ball rolling to install a blue light camera.

Being part of a community means listening to our neighbors and constantly striving to make our corner of the world a better place. While this is only one example of the work we’ve done throughout Memphis (and beyond), it’s a clear, objective work at how we operate—and how we’re planning to continue into our next 75 years of business. We’re passionate about helping Memphis be the best possible place to live and work. That starts with our commitment to excellence and our commitment to our neighbors. To learn more about how we can serve you, connect with our team today!

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