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What We’ve Learned: Investing in Our Team Makes All the Difference

Seventy-five years of business doesn’t just mean 75 years of customers. It also means 75 years of hiring, team building, and creating a company culture that fosters a successful, positive, and efficient work environment. 

Since right after World War II, Dillard Door has been providing security solutions to organizations across Memphis and throughout the region. And while we’ve made it our mission to find, offer, install, and service the best possible solutions for our customers, no investment ever pays off the way investing in our employees does. 

Our mindset is simple. When you take care of your employees, you’re taking care of the company itself—and most importantly, you’re taking care of the customer. What we’ve found is that in the world of secure doors, access control, and electrical services, the customer is of the utmost importance. But caring for the customer? It all comes down to investing in building a happy, motivated, loyal team of employees. 

Read on to discover how our team at Dillard Door supports its employees—and the kind of difference that really makes. 

Creating a Family Environment

The culture at Dillard Door truly feels like a family. As associate Cortez has shared, “Everybody is friendly….everybody is always willing to help you.

After 75 years, Dillard Door is still locally owned and operated, and as a result, the organization takes care of its own—because they’re neighbors! That’s what sets Dillard apart, and that’s why it feels like a family. 

One thing about family? They take care of each other. From offering employee resource management to hiring a personal success coach, Dillard provides necessary support for its team members, because they are like family. That means anything from having an open-door policy for employees to speak with the owner about issues or concerns to providing services to make it easier for our employees to walk in the door and do exceptional work. 

This also includes support like enrolling employees in social and federal programs when requested, helping employees cut through red tape, finding guidance to aid with issues of child support or housing, and even helping employees obtain their driver’s license if need be.

Family shows up for one another. And at Dillard Door, we don’t just say we’re a family, we show up and provide support. It’s this extra attention to taking care of our own that builds loyalty, which translates into experienced, passionate employees working together to serve our customers. 

Promoting Our Own 

One of the things that we are most proud of is our continued commitment to promoting from within and building up our existing team members. Take for example Geoff, who started working as a technician and now serves as Chief Operating Officer of the entire company. Geoff embodies all the best things about the Dillard team: He’s dedicated, hardworking, and he helps newer team members find a sense of belonging and ownership in the company so that we can continue to promise from within. 

From technician to COO, Geoff has never forgotten where he started, and that makes him the ideal supervisor to nurture the talent of newer employees to help them find their way at Dillard. As Miguel has shared, “My boss Geoff Jones is another guy that if I have family issues or whatever, if I have to take a day off there is no issue with that whatsoever. [He] and all of upper management—they do believe in family. They believe in taking care of what you need to. If you’re willing to work they’ll let you work.”

Why does this matter for our clients and customers? Because from top to bottom, we treat our team like people first: People with real lives and families and needs outside of the job. In our 75 years of experience, we find that this not only creates better employees, but it also means our team members stick around longer. As a result, the technicians working on our team become quite skilled and very knowledgeable about the work we do, and they provide better service to our customers. 

Providing Ongoing Training

Another way we invest in our team is by providing ongoing training. From the very beginning, our employees receive extensive training, but we also support employees who seek opportunities to refine their skillsets. 

We regularly cover educational courses and training opportunities for our employees. We know that when they are knowledgeable about the products, they have a sense of ownership in their work, pride in the company they work for, and better service for our customers. Our employee Colton said, “They will get you the training to need in order to work on the systems you want to work on.”

This training is what’s allowed us to expand our offerings over the years. While we got our start just in installing doors, our employees have trained and become experts in a range of fields and products, which allows us to provide even better service to our customers. Now, we offer services in:

  • Alarms and control access
  • Electrical services
  • Gate and parking systems
  • Personnel, automatic, and industrial doors
  • Storefront protection
  • Law enforcement

Dillard Door: Building a Family for 75 Years

Since the very beginning, we’ve been investing in our team, and we think that’s one of the biggest reasons we’re still here and thriving after 75 years. A happy, supported, empowered team translates into exceptional work and a top reputation with the community. 

We wouldn’t be where we are today without our employees. And we can’t wait for you to meet them. To get started on your next security project, reach out today to discover how we can help. 

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