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Contactless Service For Installations And Maintenance

Contactless Service for Installations and Maintenance

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Dillard Door has prioritized safety to protect employees and customers. You can see our history of safety decisions here.

Simple safety precautions have gone a long way.

Our team members wear face masks and gloves on all job sites. 

All employees have hand sanitizer with them at all times, which they apply before and after each job. Handwashing is frequent throughout the day.

Though it may feel impersonal at first, our team follows social distancing guidelines. We’re using contactless service for our jobs. It’s certainly a new way of delivering excellent customer service, but this means not shaking hands with you when we typically would. We will also put more physical distance between us than usual. 

Rest assured, we are as dedicated as ever to preventing the virus’ spread while bringing you the service your business needs.

Doors, gates, and other access systems are more important than ever as we begin to reopen spaces. Here at Dillard Door, we’ve had an uptick in the number of inquiries we receive about:

  • Making entryways and exits hands-free
  • Sealing off spaces during certain times and easily reopening them at other times
  • Installing vehicle-access systems that count entries and exits and help follow limited-capacity guidelines
  • Converting cubicles into secure offices

Our customers are smart to think ahead about how to responsibly run their business in “the new normal.” We’re happy to share a variety of solutions for these needs, and others, as they arise.

Let us know how we can help secure your commercial spaces. We’re ready, and our people are diligent with safety. Stay well!

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