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Who Is Keeping an Eye on Your Property?

If your facility doesn’t already have a video surveillance system, perhaps it’s time to consider adding one. After all, a well-designed and professionally installed video surveillance system provides you with enhanced protection of your property by recording suspicious activity in sensitive areas and even deterring burglaries and acts of vandalism.

Our security cameras boast a range of capabilities, including high-resolution (megapixel) lenses, panoramic viewing capabilities, steerable PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom functionality), license plate recognition, night vision or infrared technology, and vandal-proof construction.

From cost-effective analog cameras to more technologically advanced IP-based systems, we can help you find the solution that fits your business needs and integrates well with your facility’s other security equipment. Call 901.775.2143 or contact us today for your free consultation.

Benefits of Security Cameras

  • Deter break-ins and vandalism
  • Discourage employee theft
  • Prosecute shoplifters
  • Promote worker safety
  • Fight wrongful lawsuits
  • Record suspicious activity
Security Camera Display

Benefits of Network (IP) Cameras

  • Very clear, high resolution images
  • Extreme zooming capability (megapixel cameras)
  • Live viewing via the Web or smart phone
Axis Security Cameras

Today’s high-capacity DVRs and Video Management Software provide sophisticated image capture and processing.

Analog cameras use the old “CCTV” technology, which severely limits resolution. Analog cameras are cheaper, but images can’t be zoomed much or viewed on the Web. Your existing analog cameras can sometimes be integrated into a modern IP network using Hybrid DVRs.

Camera Axis for Home

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