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You’re Required to Test Your Emergency Lighting System Every Year. Prepare Now for Success.

Emergency Lighting System

If you own or manage a commercial building, one thing is as certain as paying taxes every year: the mandatory annual emergency lighting test.

Every commercial structure has regulations on emergency lighting systems. States have different requirements, creating confusion and even leading to accidental non-compliance when operating in a tri-state area like TN-MS-AR.

It’s worth noting that the cost of non-compliance is expensive. Aside from the risk of loss tied to life and property, non-compliance comes with a hefty fee. Cintas Corporation, a fire-protection supplier, says OSHA fines can be up to $7,000 for the first violation and up to $70,000 for repeat violations.

OSHA fines can be up to $7,000 for the first violation and up to $70,000 for repeat violations.”

So, how do you ensure you keep your building compliant and safe?

Inspect Monthly

A licensed technician should inspect your emergency lighting system monthly. These inspections will help you avoid surprises at the required annual emergency lighting test. And, they will give your employees and tenants confidence that you take their safety seriously.

Replace Underperforming Parts of Your System

Does your battery-operated system need fresh batteries? Is your generator-backed system operating on a generator too old to be reliable? The monthly inspection gives you the much-needed opportunity to correct any weaknesses in your system. You definitely want to do that before those weaknesses become a threat to life and property.

Choose Your System Wisely

There are a few different ways an emergency lighting system can be initially set up. Some building owners prefer mounted lights for their affordable costs and straightforward maintenance. However, these aren’t as always as aesthetically pleasing as, say, a lighting inverter that can be tucked away in a non-public location. An experienced electrical technician can help you decide what’s best for your location. 

Having an emergency lighting system isn’t just a legal necessity. It’s also the right thing to do. These systems only kick in when something else has gone wrong in your building – a fire or a power outage, for example. Your people experience higher stress levels in these situations. Emergency lighting helps take away the guesswork about how they’ll arrive at safety quickly.

So, make sure you’re regularly preparing for a spotless annual emergency lighting test. Our seasoned electrical team will provide the maintenance you need to feel assured you’re protecting your assets when it matters most. Just fill out the form below for a free consultation on your emergency lighting.

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