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4 Things You Might Not Know About Dillard Electrical Services

We know it’s important to understand who you’re doing business with. Dillard Companies has grown quite a bit in recent years, but it’s not growth for growth’s sake. We’ve strategically brought into our family the services and products you need for complete security solutions.

A big piece of security and entrance control is electrical. Electrical professionals are one of the first teams in and one of the last out for any project.

We wanted to be able to fulfill your electrical needs on our own terms — and not wait for a subcontractor to make your project their priority. As our customer, you’re always our priority. So, even though we began as a gate company nearly 80 years ago, we now have electrical services fully integrated into the Dillard family of companies, along with glass, surveillance, storefront protection, and other security-focused verticals.

Here are a few facts about our electrical capabilities:

Licensed Electrical Services in Tennessee and Mississippi 

As a regional provider of security solutions — one of the most trusted at that — our team can handle the electrical needs of any job site in Tennessee or Mississippi. Our team is licensed in both states and we welcome commercial projects of every size.

Led by an Industry Veteran

 Our experienced electrical team is led by a 30-year industry veteran, Wade Barth. Wade knows how to handle surprises and avoid mistakes. He’s been a business owner himself, so he knows how important it is to trust the people who are working in your home or place of business. Wade’s focus at Dillard is on being the most trusted and reliable electrical team in the Mid-South, hands-down. “We get the job done right the first time” — this is Wade’s mantra, and it holds true in our on-time and within-budget track record.

You Name It, We Can Do It

 We are practiced in a complete portfolio of electrical solutions for commercial or residential spaces. We can install perimeter lighting to keep your property safe; air curtains, high volume-low speeds fans, or radiant heaters to keep your space temperature-controlled; or handle start-to-finish wiring for new builds or tenant build outs. Visit our website to learn more about what our electrical team can do for you.

Lighting Downtown Favorites

We also design and install custom lighting fixtures. Want to see some of our work firsthand? Stop by two of downtown Memphis’ most popular establishments, Aldo’s Pizza on Main Street and Bardog Tavern on Monroe Avenue, to check out our custom lighting work. Our electrical team is ready to consult on your project to help you find the best solutions at the right cost. Just let us know when you’re ready to have us come out for a free estimate.

Bardog Tavern, Monroe Avenue, Memphis, TN

Aldo’s Pizza, Main Street, Memphis, TN

Aldo's Pizza - Lighting by Dillard Electrical Services

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