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Doorwall Systems Leading Innovation

Doorwall Systems Leading Innovation

Architecture, to put it simply, is art. The collaboration of visions and ideas put to paper that becomes lasting works for all to see. As an industry, there is always a desire to raise the bar or set a new trend. Creating a balance in design, functionality, and sustainability is not easy. Like architects, manufacturers are looking to do the same. DoorWall Systems has found that perfect one of a kind balance. Their products feature:

  • Zero sidewalk projection
  • Custom manufacturing and high performance engineering
  • Integrated high-security applications
  • Matching wall cladding and glazing
  • Compliance with UL 325 and NEMA requirements

The Doorwall design is clean and sleek. Not only in the way it looks but the way it functions. Built with safety in mind it is ideal for occupancy settings. The linear drive design has no cables or bulky hydraulics.  They have three models to choose from:

  • The Duo
    Doorwall’s flagship model, the Arc 3D Duo is a 2-Section, equal fold design that can span sizes up to 34’0″ (W) x 18’0″ (H). The Duo requires no high maintenance components. 
  • The Solo
    The Arc 3D Solo is an impressive single-section design that can span standard sizes anywhere from 34’0″ (W) x 18’0″ (H). Its clean, smooth lines integrate seamlessly with building facades. The minimal breaks in sight lines allow the Solo to ensure architectural synchronicity.
  • The Quad
    The Arc 3D Quad is a 4-Section equal fold design that can span standard sizes anywhere from 20’0″ (W) x 12’0″ (H). The Quad may appear traditional, but it has some extreme capabilities. It can accommodate high performance glass or any other exterior building material facade. This enables you to make an architecturally elegant statement. 

Form Meets Function Through Teamwork & Technology. 

The desire to have open air spaces has exploded. These spaces provide stimulating atmospheres while boosting profitability and function. It’s most common to find your run of the mill sectional or roll up door creating that opening. Although these both work in function, what are you sacrificing in design? Tracks are not always desired and operators are loud and can become eye sores to your interiors. Don’t sacrifice design for function. Call Dillard Door and ask how a Doorwall System can help you achieve the look you want.

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