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Hands-Free Automatic Doors More Critical Than Ever

Hands-Free Automatic Doors More Critical Than Ever

The last few months have spotlighted just how important retail employees are. They have been there to help us during social distancing and staying at home to slow down COVID-19. They have fulfilled our online orders and brought us our items while we stayed safely in our cars. 

Safety precautions are important for these employees, as well. One of the best ways to increase health safety for retail employees is with touch-free automatic doors.

Hands-free automatic doors help stop the spread of germs. They are effective not only during this historical time, but also have benefits lasting well after the pandemic is contained.

At Dillard Door, we have been working with many of the world’s largest retailers to install hands-free automatic doors in their online pickup zones. These retailers needed touch-free swinging doors that made it easy for employees pushing full carts to have hands-free entry and exit to the pickup zones. The automatic doors we installed allow:

  • Controlled, hands-free access in and out of the building by badge swipe access control
  • Alarmed devices that ensure only designated associates are able to open the door

The demand for touch-free access is starting to soar. ADA accessibility and secured-access control launched the interest in hands-free automatic doors. Now, elevated interest in health safety will only speed up the demand for touch-free entry and exit.

Hands-free automatic doors benefit all three of those needs. 

Whether you plan to increase health safety at your facility, become ADA compliant, grant employee access to restricted areas, or modernize your storefront’s appearance, automatics are an ideal solution. It’s never too early to request a consultation about automatic doors to ensure you’re able to complete your project when you want to. 

Visit our online information center on automatic doors to learn more about our product brands and installations. If you’re ready for a consultation, please contact us!

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