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Neighborhood Security & Cameras To Build A Safer Memphis

Every day we try to make our homes as safe as possible. With the constant evolution of technology what once was impossible is now a reality. We are all aware of the dangers we face in the world and worse, the thought of those dangers making it to our home.

How can we prevent?
How can we protect?

Install cameras, install alarms, hire security firms but the answer is: there is no sure-fire way to stop it. The steps we take are nothing more than deterrents but the more eyes we have the better chance we have.

When Dillard entered the Memphis Police Department neighborhood camera program, we saw it as an opportunity to give back. After 70 years of service to Memphis, it was our turn.

The goal was simple: more suppliers brings lower costs and allows greater coverage.

We know that Memphis Police, like every police force, needs more help. These camera systems create a network of eyes that identify those who are out to do harm. They are there to serve as a warning that you are being watched.

Whether it begins in your neighborhood or passes through it the systems are there to help. The ability to track the flow of events can help catch mistakes which can lead to arrests.

The MPD camera network serves as a visual warning that is easy to see. You can’t miss the bright blue light on the white box. Once they enter they know that are on camera. After that it’s up to us as neighbors and property owners to build the secondary lines of defense.

The first step is relying on each other to keep an eye out. Nobody likes the nosey neighbor until they need them.

Second is building your own home defense with alarms and cameras. To build a secure environment, everyone must do their part. It’s always easier to work together than it is to go it alone.

“We have numerous cases prosecuted thanks to these incidents being captured on video”
Sgt. Joseph Patty, Memphis Police Department

The good news is thanks to all who have contributed to this program; Memphis is building a huge network. It has become hard to drive around this city and not see the eyes of MPD. They can now connect and view incidents moments after they happen. In many instances the rate which information is received, has a direct link to their ability to solve a crime. We thank the MPD and the people of Memphis for allowing us to be part of this wonderful program. We look forward to assisting in the continuous fight to make our city safe.

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