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Storefront Security: Through The Ceiling, The Walls… Criminals Want In

Storefront Security: through the ceiling, the walls… criminals want in

Tell me if this sounds familiar

At the end of any given day, you set the alarm, lock the door and say goodbye to another day at the office. You’ve never had a security incident at your storefront or building, but you’re no fool. You see the local news. You how prevalent crime is in Memphis, just like any other major city.

How do you know you’ve done enough to protect your storefront?

It’s not just the costs of lost goods or repairs. There’s opportunity cost, or lost revenue. Then the cost of days closed. And in the worst case, losing a customer because you couldn’t deliver or complete a job on time.

Don’t forget about your Employees

I was the victim of a break-in once at our home in Midtown Memphis. No one was home, and thankfully they only stole “stuff” that could be replaced. But that experience left me feeling violated. It took some time before I felt safe and at-ease in that house.

As an employer, you would want your team to feel you took action if a similar event happened at your office, right?

Security is like chess

Criminals come through the ceiling

Photo credit to since we didn’t have actual footage of this one

We have to think several moves ahead. Criminals are smart and looking for easy access to your storefront and will go to extreme lengths to get it. After 70 years of service in the Memphis area we’ve seen it all.

In one recent burglary, the intruders came in through the roof like something out of a movie. But this wasn’t Mission Impossible.

There was no wire work and no rappelling. Just damage and an insurance claim.

I imagine it went down like this, even though we don’t have footage from inside the store during the incident.

Even your building can become an entry point

In another recent attempt, the would-be criminals couldn’t get through the security shutter. These things are built to take a beating, and this one stood up to them like a champ:

You have to give them an “E” for effort, because they were not deterred.

That’s when they attempted to go right through the wall. Check this out:

Fortunately for this business, they couldn’t get make it all the way through.

Anyone can be a victim

Criminals are always looking to get in, and you’ve got to be vigilant.

Right about now, you may be thinking:

Where do I start?

Can I afford it?”

These are the questions we regularly ask. We understand every business has different needs.

Not every store or building needs to be Fort Knox. You have to find that balance between adequate protection and what you can afford.

Questioning your protection

If you have concerns or questions about your security, then maybe this is the year to look at a plan to close those gaps and give yourself some peace of mind.

Most security companies (us included!) are happy to do a complimentary assessment of your storefront and help you understand your options.

Don’t wait! Fill out the form below to schedule a security audit.

Or give us a call to schedule your free security inspection.


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