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Why Preventative Maintenance On Gates Is Crucial

Why Preventative Maintenance on Gates is Crucial

A prospective client came to us with a big problem.  It all started with a stuck truck.

They were always looking for the best value or new ways to cut costs. In their efforts to cut costs, they reduced maintenance work on gates, doors, and grilles.

The action did save the company some money. This pleased the owners. Profits did increase a little. Over time the gates, grilles, and doors suffered from neglect.

Security GateAs they were preparing to roll out a huge shipment to their number one customer, the gate wouldn’t budge. The full truck remained stuck until someone could come in and repair the gate.

The repairs were expensive. Eye-popping expensive.  All thanks to poor maintenance.

The little bit of savings they enjoyed by cutting corners on maintenance was nothing compared to the repairs. The delayed shipment cost them a huge client.

Proper maintenance saves money

The costs of maintenance are often much less than the costs of replacements or repairs. But. That’s not the only lesson you can learn from this story, though.

To understand how much money you can save, first look at all the things that can go wrong. Working with industrial gates in Memphis may cause any of the following problems. Especially if they aren’t well-maintained.

  • Poorly maintained gates are easy to break
  • Attractive targets for thieves
  • Rusted gates are a liability
  • Improperly maintained gates may get stuck more often
  • Getting stuck open also leaves them vulnerable
  • May need a replacement gate more often than well-maintained gates

Keeping your business secure while saving money might feel like an impossible mission. While cutting costs is an excellent way to do this. You must make wise choices about which costs to cut.

Cutting maintenance is rarely the wise path to take

It’s not all about security costs either. There are other costs involved in failing to maintain business gates. These costs erase any potential savings.

Security Gate

Embrace maintenance as a necessary cost. Enjoy many benefits from doing so, including:

  • Fewer breakdowns.
  • Happier customers.
  • On-time deliveries.
  • No more expensive missed deadlines.

Regular maintenance offers all these benefits and more.

Contact us today to learn more about improving security. We offer many solutions from gate maintenance advice to thorough security assessments.

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