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Dillard Door Acquires Tri-State Glass in Answer to The Memphis’ Booming Construction Industry

Introducing Dillard Door & Tri-State Glass

If it is a gated or restricted area in Memphis, chances are pretty high Dillard Doors put it there. We’ve operated here over 70 years, installing gates, doors, and security systems.  We continuously innovate our service offerings based on the changing landscape of security and access control. Not only that, we love to stay involved in the local community. We do all we can to support many charities and local events.

Another trusted name you may know, Tri-State Glass, has worked in the community for over 54 years.  A third generation, family-owned and operated commercial and residential full-service glass company. They also install glass in all brands and models of off-road equipment.

Almost Family

As we began to grow and offer more services and more types of gates. It became a solid working relationship, evolving over time with trust.  For decades, we’ve only used quality Tri-State glass. Working together over the last few decades ensures every customer has the best.

Tri-State expressed a desire to join. We did all we could to make it happen. The addition of Tri-State to Dillard was welcome on all sides.  We brought together many teams of people working together for years.

Memphis Construction Market In Overdrive

The construction market has been on an upward trajectory for some time. Economic growth is not expected to slow.

The shortage of enough skilled workers combined with increasing new-building permit request indicates it is not a short-lived trend. Rather the gradual growth of a booming local economy.

Always looking for a competitive edge, we got a jump on the other guys. We gave ourselves the ability to provide a turnkey door solution faster. Without compromising quality.  Now both companies can streamline production for even more efficiency.

“Customers of Tri-State and Dillard have been benefiting from our collaboration for years. Even if it was somewhat unbeknownst to them,” said Bird, CEO and President of Dillard and Tri-State. “They will continue to receive those savings.”

Looking Ahead

This acquisition provides yet one more way that Dillard has diversified and been our customers’ one-stop shop by providing quality products and service. We will keep our eyes to the horizon, always looking for another good opportunity to innovate and grow.

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