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The 5 Things Your Business Security Consultation Needs

The 5 Things Your Business Security Consultation Needs

Owning a business isn’t easy. You need to build a solid relationship with loyal customers. To do that, you need to keep your business productive.

This includes bringing employees to their full potential and anticipating market shifts. From the big picture to hourly details, you must track it all.

But, profit and productivity are your number 2 priorities. What’s number 1? Safety.

‘Safety’ is a broad term. It includes everything from people to products to property. Dillard Door & Entrance Control can help you here.

What threats does your company face? Your mind may jump to burglaries and break-ins. We can help there. But, we also offer other services like fire protection.

Prevention is key to minimizing company losses. At Dillard Door & Entrance Control, we have experience identifying security weaknesses.

An in-depth security consultation offers a fresh and experienced pair of eyes. We can identify potential problems and provide security solutions.

For the most comprehensive business security consultation, it’s best to come prepared. Here are a few things that, in our experience, are helpful to bring.

1: Lists of Your Employees

Please bring a list of your current employees. It’s helpful to include their company roles and backgrounds.

Why? One of the most effective ways to increase security is through access control. Our security consultants need to understand who can access what part of your company.

2: A Security Timeline

When do you plan to decide on a solution to your business’s security? What timeline do you want to follow? When does this project need to be completed?

We can accommodate both your schedule and your budget needs. Need it all done ASAP? That’s OK. Need to spread the project across multiple budget years? That’s OK too!

3: A Non-Disclosure Agreement

Are you uneasy about exposing your business’s operations to a stranger? We understand.

You are welcome to bring an NDA drafted by your lawyer. We want you to feel comfortable with the consultation process.

4: Lists of Your Current Security Services

What existing security services and systems do you have? These could include fire detection and suppression devices. Do you have cybersecurity programs or video and audio surveillance? What about access control systems?

We’ll let you know if they need upgrading, enhancing, or replacing.

5: Your Concerns

No one knows your business better than you do. Tell us your specific concerns. We can tailor our security plan to your company’s needs.

Are you ready to tighten security at your business? Contact us today and we’ll start the process.

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