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How Common Security Tools Reveal Vulnerabilities

How Common Security Tools Reveal Vulnerabilities

Recently, a small group of criminals exploited key security vulnerabilities at a local jewelry shop. One of the men used clues obtained from Facebook to distract the clerk. At the same time, a second man hid behind a piece of shrubbery near an unlocked door that was only protected by a motion detector. While this was going on, a woman, standing behind the first man used a laser pointer to disable the motion detector. The second man stole several hundred dollars’ worth of jewelry before the clerk even knew what had happened.

Most businesses have better security than the average home. Strong doors, security systems, guards, controlled-access, surveillance and industrial door(s) used as storefront protection secure most large business. Homes tend to have more armed occupants. Another advantage of the home is only a few people are there. If you run a business with many employees, it can be tough to keep track of them. According to, 10.3% of all robberies or burglaries target businesses.
Here are five ways criminals exploit security weaknesses.

The Solo Lockup Person

Retail businesses often leave one person to do the locking up at night. There’s no one to watch their back as they turn the key. They may be carrying cash and keys. If not, criminals assume they do. Locking up alone at night is a big mistake. You wouldn’t want to lock up alone. Don’t make employees to it either.

The Clipboard

A good way to steal from a busy business is to to fit in. Coveralls, a clipboard, a hard hat, is all it takes for criminals to walk right in. Make sure no one passes a security point unchecked. That’s the only secure policy.

Exploiting Cover

A security guard keeps a watchful eye on the entrances/exits of a building.You may have full camera coverage. But if shrubs and low walls surround your business, criminals can use them to access to your building. Sure, it’s nice to have landscaping. But it can be a safety hazard. They also make cameras less effective. Keep the terrain open near doors, bays, and other openings. It’s much safer.

Gleaning Info from Social Media

Social media is changing everything these days. No matter how good your security is, the people who run it are still vulnerable. Criminals watch social media accounts to find holes in security. By presenting a clerk with personal information, they can gain access, get passwords, or keys. Follow authorization policy. Train employees not to leak security info on social media.

Spotting Security Bluffs

It can be hard to understand how security equipment can reveal weaknesses. Timed lights can tell criminals no one is watching. Visible security keypads can give away entry codes. Any visible security tool presents a way in. A flashlight can disable a motion detector. Try not to reveal your hand when you mount security devices.

The crime described earlier could have easily been prevented if the jewelry shop had taken a few of these simple precautions. The laundry list of mistakes they made are common ones.

Here at Dillard Door & Entrance Control in Memphis, our goal is to help you avoid these mistakes. We help you understand the capabilities of our controlled access security and industrial doors. The strongest door is only as good as the key holder. Call today to learn more.

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