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HopDoddy in Overton Square Gets a Unique New Door

Loeb Properties approached BRG3S Architects to provide a versatile design. They were developing HopDoddy’s prominent entryway in Overton Square.

They wanted the door to provide a variety of different functions depending on how they were using it. Nothing off the shelf was going to match the look of the revitalized Square.

We had a bit of freedom in the design. The original building hadn’t been renovated since the early 2000s.

Loeb put a large part of their budget to the front entryway. It was the biggest part of the project, in fact. They wanted the front piece to make a standout statement. But they wanted their exterior to match the rest of the square, too.

The most challenging part of the project for Loeb and BRG3S was getting the door right. That’s why they got in touch with us. We came back with a custom design. It was an ambitious design, but we wanted the entrance to be inviting, innovative, and engaging.

We’ve worked with BRG3S on a variety of projects over the years. We’ve custom designed various doors, overhead coiling doors. But never anything quite like this! We had a huge opportunity to impress the client. And put our unique mark on the refreshed district.

The team didn’t place a typical door, they managed to create an entirely new atmosphere. Plus it gave them a versatile door. They have the option for a different look and feel depending on how they are using it. They can close it without blocking the viewor open up the whole front wall. The entrance is welcoming and brings in the best elements of natural light and fresh air.

We provided a fully-functional door integrating with the theme of the neighborhood. The door has a wide range of functional and aesthetic configurations. The client is happy, the architects and builders are happy. That puts a smile on my face.

Do you have an entrance you’d like to repurpose? We’d love to help you rework an older model building.

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