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We provide solutions in Law Enforcement, Military, and other Government Agencies.

Covert and Overt Fixed pole Cameras

Dillard Security can provide covert and overt pole camera solutions to meet your department’s needs using wireless and Cellular technologies to communicate to an officer’s vehicle or command center. Each unit can be custom designed to meet your requirements.

Our overt pole camera unit can accommodate up to 4 cameras per unit with custom police department badging and blue lights. Each unit has the option to provide edge recording and sub-stream video to remote locations as well.

Secruity Camera

Mobile Surveillance Trailer

The Innovative Dillard Security Mobile Solar Trailer provides virtually indefinite run time anywhere there is a sun rating of 4.0 or better with its 365 Watts of DC Solar capacity. Its heavy duty frame and steel cabinet construction provide a versatile transportable unit. A mast elevation of 30 feet for the cameras provides a vantage point for the High Definition cameras. Designed for quick deployment and allows for a high visibility in troubled locations

In-car Video

Dillard Security is a Getac Partner using the IRSA video management System to provide officers and command staff with the latest in-car video solution. Our product allows for local storage that can be downloaded at the end of a shift or transmitted real time with cellular communication. This product provides the latest search analytics for fast retrieval of past events.

LPR Systems

Dillard Security is a Genetec certified partner in LPR systems. We can work with your staff to provide a solution using LPR for mobile, fixed and parking applications. Our staff has over 10 years’ experience in installation, design, and Engineering.

Video Walls

Let our team design a command center for your department’s needs. Our staff has designed video wall solutions for law enforcement command centers, Jails, and health care security groups.

Secruity Room

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